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Tip of the Day

Charitable Gift Annuities offer a stable alternative to the fluctuations of the market.

Current stresses in the market have reduced interest rates on bonds and savings instruments to lows not seen in many years. Investors looking for ways to capture the remaining gains in their stock portfolios enjoy few reinvestment options.

One strategy is our charitable gift annuity. This simple gift plan makes fixed lifetime payments to up to two beneficiaries at rates higher than those of most bonds and CDs.

While our gift annuity is not meant to be competitive with a commercial annuity, it does share the feature of paying part of the donor's contribution back as a tax-free return of principal. That, plus careful investment management, allows NPCA to offer a gift plan that is increasingly attractive to donors. It allows you to make a significant gift while securing hard-to-find income and tax benefits.

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